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ICT and e-Safety Assembly June 2012

During June Mrs Gallagher, our ICT Subject Leader, took a morning assembly so she could talk to the children about ICT (Information Communication Technology) and how they can stay safe when using technology and equipment.

The children read through the 'Pupil's ICT Vision' with Mrs Gallagher and discussed the various points.

Mrs Gallagher asked the children if they use ICT at home? She then explained to the children that ICT is not just computers but also televisions, radios and telephones. Anything that gives us information and uses power, either via a plug or battery.

The children responded to Mrs Gallaghers questions of "Who has a computer at home?"' "Who has a television at home?" by raising their hand. Mrs Gallagher asked "Where else are there computers?" the children answered "at school", "other countries".

All the childen agreed that it was good to share our ICT equipment and to use it carefully and safely, not pull wires or throw/drop it.

When Mrs Gallagher asked the children "who knows how to turn the computer on and off properly?" children from Year 2, Year 1, Reception and Nursery put their hands up.

They were then asked what programs they use on the computers; Nursery use games, Reception use Google and games, Year 1 use CBBC, games and Espresso, Year 2 use My World 3, Talking First Word, the Internet and Living Library. All the children said that using the computers was "cool", "good" and "fun".

Mrs Gallagher asked the children what they should do if they get stuck; "think", "have a go", "ask a friend or the Teacher"', "and remember to say thank you" a Nursery child said.

Approximately 20 out of 30 Year 2 children use a computer at home to "play games" and "learn more". A Year 1 child said they use a computer at home "to learn new things" and a Nursery child uses their home computer for "writing".

Mrs Gallagher then explained to the children that it is very important that they stay safe while using ICT and part of that is by they themselves being sensible; not typing naughty or rude words, not reading naughty or rude words that someone else has typed and not looking a pictures that are not suitable. The children were then asked "what should you do if there is something unsuitable on the computer?" "tell your Teacher", "tell your Mummy", "turn it off".

The children were then asked:

"Who has heard of Facebook?" the vast majority of the children put up their hand.

"Whose Mummy or Daddy or Brother or Sister uses Facebook?" again a large number of children raised their hand.

"Who here uses Facebook themselves?" only a few children from Year 1 and Year 2 put their hands up.

Mrs Gallagher explained that Facebook is not meant to be used by anyone under the age of 14 and this rule is there to keep us all safe. She then went on to explain that some people pretend to be a child and that you may not know who you are talking to on Facebook. You should never arrange to meet anyone or give them any details like where you live or your telephone number, just like if a stranger talks to you in the park. When the children were asked if they would go off with a stranger who offered them a sweet they all shouted "NO !".

At the end of the assembly Mrs Gallagher spoke to the children about how important ICT is and how much fun it can be.

The class teachers will continue to talk to the children about e-Safety in class in line with the ICT Curriculum.

If any parents would like more information on e-Safety or any other ICT related matter please contact Mrs Gallagher via the school Office. A copy of the E-Safety and Data Security Policy 2011 is available on our website.