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As part of our schools almsgiving this Lent, Mrs Branigan and Mrs Cheney visited the school and joined us for assembly. Thanks to the generosity of all the parents, we were able to fill Mrs Branigan's car with 2 hand operated sewing machines, a large amount of fabric, a selection of woodworking tools, books, children's games, toy cars, paper,pens and other classroom/office resources and a selection of balls and skipping ropes (purchased using some of our Sainsbury vouchers). At Assembly, Mrs Branigan thanked the children and talked to them about how the items would be used. Mrs Cheney showed the children some photos from a trip she had made to Gambia.


During Lent the Reception classes make promises.....


Mrs Mayne's children try to be better people.



Year 2 set themselves targets and made promises.....


The children set themselves targets for Lent. They all made Lenten promises.



The children have made promises to listen, share, be good, kind and love God.