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PataCake Cookery Workshop July 2013 - Reception Classes

PataCake Cookery Workshop 10th July 2013

Reception we very excited to have a "Cookery Workshop" led by Patacakes. They were going to be chefs for the morning.


First we needed to wash all the germs off our hands.
We then got a bowl with some flour and margarine in it.
We had to squash the margarine into small bits and then rub the flour and margarine.
We then added water to our mixture to make it into a dough.
When it was a dough we left it to one side. We had made pastry. Now for the filling.
We chopped up an apple.
We then chopped up nectarines and raspberries and added them to the apple.
We then got our pastry and pushed it out into a big circle.
We then tipped our fruit into the centre of the pastry and made into a pile.
We folded the pastry around our filling.