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Week Beginning 6th July - St Anthony class this week have enacted out the Bible story of Abraham and Sarah, and God's covenant to fulfil their wish of a child. We wrote a prayer from Abraham and Sarah thanking God for the gift of their cherished son Isaac (who's name means laughter.) We also became music artists this week and enjoyed making up our own rap music all about our favourite animals. In our English learning we have linked 'The book of butterflies' which takes place in a dull/grey room, until suddenly colorful butterflies appear. Colour and beauty totally transform the author's mood from gloomy to happy. We designed our own vibrant butterflies and observed how their features are symmetrical. Our Geography lesson transported us to San Francisco, North America. We wrote a diary home telling of the amazing places to see and things to do ie; The Golden Gate Bridge ad a ride on the cable cars.

Week Beginning 6th July - This week, St Catherine Group B have enjoyed consolidating their Maths knowledge by completing a carousel of activities; carrying out Science experiments including 'Rain Cloud in a Jar'; spotting adjacent consonants in words and doing some fantastic independent writing and painting!

Week Beginning 6th July - Children in the St. Bernadette Bubble this week have enjoyed acting out the story from the Bible about Abraham and Sarah and discovering God's promise to them. They understood God's covenant and used the words from the Bible in their acting. Also this week, they have been investigating halves and quarters of shapes and numbers and writing their own stories.

Week Beginning 6th July - St Martin and Nursery Bubble - This week was a really exciting week for us, we released our Butterflies into the world. We named them after Disney characters. Elsa, Anna, Belle, Cinderella, Lightening McQueen, Milan, Olaf, Sven and Sleeping Beauty fluttered off into the world, we hope they will come back and visit us soon. We really enjoyed role playing Mass in our classroom. We acted out communion and listened to some hymns. In Phonics, the children have been rhyming words and going on word hunts. 

Week Beginning - 6th July - St Martin carried out 2 very exciting experiments last week - we learnt about where rain comes from then we made our own cloud using shaving foam and watched as the rain started to fall from the cloud. We also discovered that when you poke pencils through a bag of water, they act as a plug and the water doesn't leak! This week, 'Father Ethan' lead a Mass in our classroom. The children enjoyed listening to organ music, singing hymns, saying prayers and listening to the Gospel.

Week Beginning 6th July - Key Worker group- This week we have been looking at the short animation The Book of Butterflies as a stimulus for writing our own story. We designed and described our own butterflies and planned our own stories about our own animals escaping a book. We have also been looking at keeping healthy and what makes up a balanced diet. On paper plates we designed our own healthy meals.

Week Beginning 29th June - EY Key Worker Bubble - This week during maths the children have been looking at doubling, the children played games in pairs using dice to double the numbers. We painted our own ladybirds and were able to double the spots to make twice as many. During phonics reception had fun dancing along to the tricky words song and reading the words when the music stopped. Nursery looked at the h sound and went on a class scavenger hunt to find cvc words, we also made silly soup with our rhyming words. In R.E we thought about why Sundays are special and prayed for our families and each other at this time. The children got creative making fish puppets and then performed a puppet show for their peers. The children were very excited to carry out a rain cloud experiment where they were able to see how the rain comes from the clouds.

Week Beginning 29th June - St Martin enjoyed 2 science experiments at the end of last week. In the first one they learnt about static electricity - we rubbed a balloon on someone's hair then watched as the tissue paper frogs started to jump when the balloon was held above them! In the second experiment the children loved watching the volcano erupt as vinegar was mixed with other ingredients. In RE this week we have been learning about the significance of Sunday and why it is such a special day. In phonics we have been learning about adjacent consonants and the children have done a great job of spotting these as they have been reading. The Maths focus this week has been doubles - the children have enjoyed making ladybird doubles and using mirrors to find doubles

Week Beginning 29th June - St. Bernadette bubble have been researching animals this week. We looked at a fact file and discussed what information we can gain from it and then went onto research different animals in preparation to create our own fact files. We thought about the type of animal they are, their habitats and what the animals can and can't do. We have really enjoyed learning lots of fun, new facts! This week, we have also enjoyed learning about arrays and grouping equally in Maths.

Week Beginning 29th June 2020 - This week St Catherine Group B have been learning how to double numbers; using their phase 4 phonics to match pictures with captions; talking about why Sunday is a special day for God’s Family and enjoyed meeting and completing transition activities with their new teacher!

Week Beginning 29th June - This week we have been reading and researching features of fact files. We have used the laptops to research animals of our own and are in the process of writing our own animal fact files. We have learnt about the miracle of Jesus healing the blind man and have written our own prayers thanking God for the gift of sight. We have also learnt all about south America, and have written postcards to our family imagining we have been on holiday to Brazil, describing all the wonderful things we have seen!

Week Beginning 29th June 2020 - the Nursery and St Martin bubble have had such an exciting week. We have welcomed two new butterflies into the world. Last week, Mrs Pritchard brought in caterpillars and we watched them crawl about and spin their cocoons. The children waited so patiently and on Monday morning a beautiful butterfly appeared, followed by another on Wednesday morning. They have been named Belle and Cinderella. In phonics, the Nursery have been focussing on alliteration and looking at the h sound, whilst reception have been exploring blends and playing shark attack with phase 4 words. In RE, we have continued to explore the church and we have talked about why Sunday is a special day. The children drew around their handprints and cut them out, We hard these to make a church. We have explored the concept of doubling and symmetry in Maths. We cannot wait for more learning next week and to welcome some more butterflies into the world.

Week Beginning 29th June 2020 - St. Anthony class this week have focused on looking at fact files in our English work. We discussed the purpose of a fact file and discovered fascinating information on various animals. For instance; did you know that a kangaroo cannot walk backwards and that a lion’s roar can be heard for up to 5 miles away and can reach 114 decibels! We read the story of Jesus healing the man born blind in our R.E. learning. To envisage what it would be like to not have the gift of sight, covering our eyes we tried to draw a picture. It was extremely tricky. We also wrote a prayer thanking God for our ability to see all the colours and creations of our wonderful world. In our Maths activities we have looked at arrays and distinguished between rows and columns when problem solving. We have examined how to group numbers in order to make totalling easier to calculate. We enjoyed writing a postcard home from Rio de Janeiro as part of our Geography learning this week. We looked at what physical features and human features you would see when taking a holiday in this exciting State of Brazil.

Week commencing 29th June, Miss James St Catherine A Bubble- This week we have enjoyed learning about the importance of Sunday and why it is special to Christians around the world. We reflected on what we do on Sunday's, for example we spoke about how we go to Church to pray to God to thank him for everything he has done for us. We explained why Sunday is important to Christians by writing beautiful sentences. We created a Church out of hands to show that Church is our family and our community. We have also enjoyed using our collective worship area to reflect on our love for God and Jesus.In mathematics, we have been learning about doubling! We have been busy investigating doubles and writing these into number sentences. We are looking forward to seeing what next week brings!

Week Beginning 22nd June - This week was our sports week and the children have been taking part in lots of different sport activities including long jump, relay and target practice. During phonics this week reception have been looking at consonant blends and re capped the tricky words. The children had fun playing shark attack and finding their tricky word islands. Nursery have been looking at the r sound. The children were able to practice rainbow writing their sound and were able to use their sound mats to write some cvc words. In maths we looked at patterns and the different ways we can make them. We used colour, shape and size. Then painted our own patterns using stamps. In R.E the children enjoyed making megaphones to help spread the good news and become God's followers. The children prayed for our Pope and for all who have been guiding us. The children took part in two experiments this week. The jumping frogs using static electricity, and making our own volcanic eruption. We had lots of fun and are looking forward to another exciting week.

Week Beginning 22nd June - St Anthony class have been ‘Amazingly Animated’ (alliteration) this week in both our English and sports activities. In English we have looked at animal poems. This photo is us doing actions for each animal. We made up our own poems using adjectives, verbs and alliteration. Some examples of our rhymes are, “Giraffes eat leaves from the trees with knobbly knees” and “Mr crocodile needs food because he gets in a mood.” n Science we have discussed carnivores / omnivores / herbivores and made a venn diagram to represent each species and their diet.


Cross curricular - we looked at books and their authors to decide which type of diet these animals would have, so we could decide whether they would be carnivores, omnivores or herbivores;

The enormous crocodile by Roald Dahl

The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson

Zog by Julia Donaldson 

I love you little Monkey by Alan Durrant

Watch out below by Lisa Regan



In our Geography work we have been exploring continents, in particular Australia and Oceania.

Week Beginning 22nd June - We have had a great start to the week in the Key Worker bubble. We have been following our animal theme and looking at animal poetry. The children had a go at learning a poem, adding actions and performing it to the rest of the group. Later in the week we will be writing our own animal poems. We have also had great fun taking part in the Sports Week activities and were really supportive of each other and cheering on our friends!

Week Beginning 22nd June - Miss James’ Bubble- St Catherine A - This week we have had an awesome time competing in different sports activities. We have enjoyed showing great sportsmanship, supporting our friends and showing great team work. In RE, we have been thinking about how we can spread kindness, just like the Disciples, to people in our community. As the weather has improved, we have been able to enjoy our outdoor quad area which is filled with a variety of interactive learning opportunities. It has been great to see the progress we have made in our reading and writing since we have returned to school; we particularly enjoy writing about the different bugs we have found on our bug hunts!We are looking forward to next week’s adventures.

Week Beginning 22nd June - This week, we have been enjoying taking part in our sports activities for Sports Week in the sunshine. We have also been looking at the continent Oceania and created a poster on reasons why others should visit there, focusing on the landmarks within the different countries. In addition, we have enjoyed writing our own animal poems with rhyming and practising counting in our 2s, 5s and 10s.

Week Beginning 22nd June - St Martin B have really enjoyed Sports Week this week. They have participated in a variety of activities including running, dribbling with a basketball, and throwing. The children were very supportive of each other and cheered their classmates on, encouraging them to do their best at each activity. In RE, we have learnt about Jesus' disciples and how they spread Good News. We then made our own megaphones and paraded around the field shouting the news that Jesus is Alive. In Maths we have been learning about patterns; we enjoyed painting patterns and making action patterns around the circle.

Week Beginning 22nd June - This week St Catherine B have had great fun completing the Sports Week activities; making patterns in different ways; spotting consonant blends with the help of Geraldine giraffe; learning about Jesus' followers and thinking about ways that we can show and spread kindness.

Week Beginning 22nd June - this week the Reception and Nursery bubble have been very busy with patterns and sports! We have been exploring repeating patterns and creating patterns with moves and sounds we can make with our body. We are half way through our sports week and the children are trying so hard completing their throwing, running and aiming activities. They have shown fantastic team spirit supporting each other. In RE, the children have continue to learn about the church. They made mega phones and marched around the field spreading the good news of Christianity.

Week Commencing 15th June 2020 - Year 1 St Anthony - As you can see St. Anthony class have been very busy this week. These are just some of the pieces of work that children felt particularly proud of (Pictures below). We were so excited to see our friends and made posters entitled ‘our bubble’ to show how happy we feel to be back within our St. Rose’s family again.In our R.E. learning we designed crosses marveling at the miracles of Jesus. We have also continued our work on mass, volume and capacity in our Maths learning and have progressed our story telling in English. At the end of our amazing 1st week together we had a treasure hunt. The clues led us to letters, spelling out ’Thursday Treat.' A superb start back!

Week Commencing 15/6/2020 - EY Key Worker Group - In our bubble this week we have been having lots of fun. In Maths Nursery have been making patterns, the children made a pattern with cotton reels outside and we moved our bodies to go noodle in a pattern also which was lots of fun. Reception looked at odd and even numbers and the children created a ladybird with spots using the dots to record their odd and even numbers. In Phonics nursery recapped their e sound and learnt a new sound u. The children enjoyed playing a matching game with their peers and challenged themselves write some CVC words using the sounds that they know. The Reception children recapped their phase 3 sounds. They enjoyed playing a game of fishy feet with the air sounds and had lots of fun fishing for some tricky words and words should with the 'er' sounds. During R.E the children looked at what happens during a Baptism and role played this with baby David. We watched the live school feed of mass from Westminster and we took part in a collective worship where the children thanked God for something they were grateful for. The children were very excited to carry out the water walkers experiment where they made predictions about what might happen next and are excited to see the results. We had lots of fun with craft, making cards for Father's day. We have all had lots of fun and looking forward to next week.

Week Commencing 16/6/2020 - This week, Year 1 returned to school and settled back into the school way of life amazingly well. They have enjoyed being reunited with friends and relished in all aspects of their work such as writing silly sentences with their sound of the day, working on their measuring and weighing and retelling the story of 'Katie in London' ensuring correct punctuation is used, a list of three adjectives and the conjunction 'because'.

Week Commencing 15/6/2020 - Our Key Worker children have been working extremely hard this week. We have been practicing our daily phonics and using lots of practical resources, such as multilink cubes and base 10 in maths, where we have been learning all about division; sharing and grouping. In English we have been reading the story of the Tiger who came to Tea and have been rewriting the story.

Week Commencing 15/6/2020 - Reception (St Catherine Group B) have been busy sorting odd and even numbers; using their phonics to label the 'St Catherine Cafe'; completing Science investigations and developing their physical skills using the bats and balls

Week Commencing 15/5/2020 - Mrs Mclaren's bubble - At the end of last week St Martin B had great fun carrying out two science experiments. We placed some skittles in a circle and poured some water in the middle of the circle. We loved seeing the amazing rainbow colours that emerged. We also enjoyed tasting some of the left over skittles!! For our second experiment we cut out and decorated some flowers. we then folded the petals inwards, put the flowers in water and were amazed to see that the flowers began to open! This week we have enjoyed playing various phonics games, talking about the things we see in church and learning all about odd and even numbers.

Week Commencing 15/6/2020 - Mrs Butler and Mrs Pritchard's Bubble - We have had a fantastic start to the week, it has been so lovely for our bubble to get bigger and the Nursery children have loved making new friends with the Reception children who have joined us. We spent some time getting to know the children, we are going to have a great time together.  The children have been continuing to explore number this week. Reception have been thinking about odd and even numbers and sorting them by participating in a variety of activities. Nursery have been securing their counting of objects, recognising their numbers and beginning to find one more and one less.  They have all enjoyed exploring the church and exploring videos and powerpoints of a Catholic Church. The children have been identifying key parts of the church and beginning to think about how they are part of the church family. 

Week commencing 15/6/20: Miss James' Bubble, St Catherine A- This week, in RE, we have been learning about our Church. We enjoyed a virtual tour of a catholic Church, spotting all of the key features such as the altar, the cross, the baptismal font and the pews that we have in our church. We spoke about what makes our church special and how it makes us feel when we are there. We have worked very hard learning our phase 2 and 3 tricky words; we have done this by playing a variety of interactive games, such as funky fish, bingo and creating dances to the tricky word songs! We have also been applying our phonics, using our skills to decode words and then decide whether a word is real or nonsense. We have enjoyed our guided reading sessions, answering questions about what we have read and then thinking about what is going to happen next in our story- it's been great to fun spotting the tricky words in our reading books! We have been learning about odd and even numbers. We have had fun sharing different amounts of cupcakes between two people to see if a number is odd or even and also counting spots on ladybirds. We can't wait to see what next week brings!

Week Commencing 8/6/2020 Miss James' Bubble, St Catherine A- What a wonderful week we have had in Miss James' bubble! We have spent the week learning about God's family, developing our knowledge of phase 3 phonics, counting back from 20 whilst flossing and going on mini-beast hunts to name but a few. We have been enjoying exploring the range of activities in our classroom, applying our phonectical knowledge to writing sentences. We have enjoyed beating Miss James at phase 3 tricky words bingo, snakes and ladders and three in a row, as well as playing wiggle words. We can't wait for all the fun that next week brings!

Week beginning 8/6/2020 Nursery Bubble - This week has been so much fun so far! Before lockdown, the children loved playing with babies and role playing families. We found the children a plastic dolly. They worked together to make clothes for her from paper. She had a beautiful pink dress and matching bow! They demonstrated some really good critical thinking and problem solving. Together we adapted the pushchair so it could be used without the fabric! The children were so happy. Next week our bubble becomes an Early Years bubble and the children are so excited!

Week beginning 8/6/2020 - Mrs McLaren’s Group - St Martin have had a fantastic first two weeks back and have all settled back into school life amazingly well. The children have enjoyed construction challenges using the Poddely (they loved building a house for the 3 Little Pigs and testing whether the wolf could blow it down!); playing tennis and other games outside. They have been revising their phonic sounds and have enjoyed playing Shark Attack outside. In Maths, the children have been weighing various objects and determining which items are light and which are heavy. The children have also been learning about God's family and we have made paper dolls to show that we are all part of God's family. The children have explored a variety of science activities; including making bubble mixture. We are extremely proud of all the children and the way in which they have settled back in - well done St Martin!

Week Beginning 8/6/2020 - Miss Glynn’s Bubble - We have been using scales to measure the weight of objects and recording using cubes. We found out a tiger toy weighed 102 cubes! In R.E., we having been thinking about how we are all part of God's family, even our pets including Zoe's cat Teddy and Eva's dog Luna. We also created a silly sentence with the /ow/ sound.

Week Beginning 8/6/2020 - Miss Shaw’s Bubble - Reception (St Catherine Group B) have been settling into their new classroom and have enjoyed construction challenges; making paper dolls; playing tennis and other games outside; revising phonic sounds; measuring using metre sticks and balancing scales and completing whole class Science investigations! Well done on a great first two weeks back! 🙂

Week beginning 8/6/2020 - Key Worker Bubble KS1 - We have been very busy in the Key worker group this week. We have been looking at features of animals and comparing their similarities and differences. We have also been busy writing our information texts all about the terrifying T-Rex! We have also been thinking about how we can use our hands to help other people.

Week Beginning 1/6/2020 - Reception (St Catherine Group B) have been settling into their new classroom and have enjoyed completing self-portaits; decorating rainbows; playing outside; revising phonic sounds; measuring using metre sticks and whole class investigations! Well done on a great first week back 🙂

week Beginning 1/6/2020 - Nursery's first week back

Week Beginning 1/6/2020 - Reception Bubble St Martin with Miss Glynn and Mrs Glover - We have made a 2 Metre Giant to understand what 2 metres is and have been measuring ourselves up against our giant. We have been creating repeating patterns using paint and paper chains as well as writing sentences using our phonics, capital letters and full stops.

Week Beginning 1/6/2020 - In St Martin Bubble with Mrs McLaren and Mrs Reynolds - W have enjoyed making a 'Metre Man' and measuring different objects in our learning environment. We discovered that we are all more than 1 metre tall! We have also had fun making rainbow sunshines using paper plates and ribbon.

Week Beginning 1/6/2020 - Key Worker Bubble - We have had lots of fun in the Key Worker group this week. We have been learning about features of different animals, practicing our maths skills on the laptops and have written about some of the things we have been doing whilst at home. We have also made posters about the importance of washing our hands, which we have put up in the classroom and have drawn some self-portraits. We have also been completing daily yoga sessions!

w.c 1/6/2020 Miss James' Bubble St Catherine Group B- Miss James' Class enjoyed exploring the weight of different objects. They enjoyed investigating and comparing the weight of items around the room, discussing their findings with the peers using a range of mathematical language. They applied their knowledge of height, considering if the height of objects made a difference to an object's weight.