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Reception - St. Martin- Mrs Flint, Mrs Parfitt and Mrs Gavin



Class Teacher:  Mrs Flint, Cover: Mrs Parfitt and Mrs Gavin

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Reynolds


What we will be learning:




In RE we have been looking at Harvest this week and discussing what we are thankful to God for.  We have also been sharing our treasure boxes. Thank you for all the hard work that the children have put in to them.


Home learning: Please see the attached letter about dressing up as Angels on Wednesday 18th November.




This week we have been reviewing the sounds we have learnt this term and being reading words by robot talking and blending them.  We have also been reviewing our key words - I, and, to, a, no, the, go and into by the children having to jump on them outside.


Home Learning:  Ask your child to look for the key words we have learnt so far in books that they have at home.  (I, and, to, a, no, the, go & into)  Ask you child to practice writing either some of the sounds we have learnt so far or if they are confident at writing to write some words or simple captions.  (Sounds learnt - s, a, t, p, i, n, m ,d, g, o , c, k, ck, e, u, r, h, b, f, l, ll, ss, ff) Perhaps they can write them with chalk outside or draw a picture of something like a cat or cup and label it. (This has also been sent out on Evidence Me)




This week we have been looking at finding one less than a given number and extending it to taking away up to 5. Children have been learning the - symbol and knowing that it means taking away or subtracting.  We have been using cubes and natural objects to subtract with.


Home Learning:  Collect some toys or objects with your child (up to 10 or If they are confident with up to 10 then up to 20.)  and then ask them to take away a number up to 5.  Can they write a number sentence to show what they have done? (This has also been sent out on Evidence Me)




Please try to hear your child read every day.  If they have no words in their books, please ask your child to tell you the story by using the pictures.  Please sign to say they have read each day in their reading record and make any relevant comments.  Reading books are to be returned on Fridays so they can be isolated over the weekend before new ones being sent out on a Monday.  Please can you send your child's reading record in every day so that we can record when they do Guided Reading with an adult in class.

Angel Dress Up Day Letter

Early Years Curriculum Evening Powerpoint

Key Information
In Reception school reading books are changed weekly. Your child will be allocated a book on Mondays and they must be returned on Fridays for isolation. If there is no comment in your child's Reading Record we will assume you have not had a chance to read with your child and therefore your child may take home the same book(s). Please record the text title(s) in your child's Reading Record. 
Our P.E. day is Thursday. P.E. kits should be kept in school at all times. We will send them home over the school holidays. Long hair needs to be tied back and earrings are not allowed to be worn in school at any time. It would be helpful if girls could have a pair of white ankle socks in their PE bag for the days they come to school wearing tights.
Our Forest School day is Friday and will be lead by Mrs Collins.  Please make sure your child has their forest school kit and wellies in school. 

A Typical Day in St Martin Class 

*Please note this is a typical day and timings are approximations.

8:35am- Children dropped off at the Reception gate.

8.40-8.45am - Fine motor activities. 

8.45am- Registration and Prayer

9:00am - Phonics

9:15am - Maths

10:00am - Child Initiated Learning, including snack

11:00am -Guided Reading

11:30 - tidy up, toilet, get ready for lunch

11:45 - Lunch 

12.45pm - Register

12.50 - Handwriting

1:00 -  RE

1:30 - Child Initiated Learning 

2.30 - Tidy up, get ready for home, Prayer

2.45 - Leave via the Reception gate.


Harvest Samba

Be still for the presence of the Lord

Be still, for the presence of the Lord, The Holy One, is here. Come bow before him now, with reverence and fear. In him no sin is found, we stand on holy gro...

This is my body, broken for you

Only Jesus saves.

cauliflowers fluffy with singers