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Year 1- St. Bernadette- Miss Phillips

Welcome to Year 1 - St Bernadette

Class Teacher: Miss Phillips
Support Staff: Mrs Gavin, Miss Rickerty, Mrs Stefan, Mrs Robson 


Welcome to our class page.

We hope you survived the Easter holidays! We'll be updating this page with the learning for each week and other resources that may be helpful. We are looking forward to seeing how you got on with your Easter home learning projects. Remember you can email photos and descriptions of what you've done to our year group email address. 

Year 1 Class Blog Letter

Phonic resource pack

Easter Home-Learning Project

Bug Club

Please check the details for your bug club logins. The user name is a mixture of your child's first name and surname. The password is stbern3 and the school code is stro.


Week 5 home learning WC:23/3/2020

Home Learning Year 1




Consider ways how we, as Christians, can be Good Samaritans to others.


‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’

Luke 10: 25 -37

What acts of kindness can you show at home to one another?


Reading- Practise your home reading books, don’t forget bug club. If you need your login details do not hesitate to email admin.

Phonics- use the sounds mats to create your own flash cards.  Look at games and flashcards

Those phase3 digraphs ( 2 letters one sound or trigraphs 3 letters one sound)

The phase 5 alternatives.

Find them in books, create your own word bank.

Writing- We have been exploring how to write instructions. Make a sandwich or bake a cake and write up your own instructions.

Use time connectives and imperative (bossy) verbs. For example:

  1. First get two slices of bread.
  2. Then spread the butter carefully.


We have been exploring numbers to 50.

Use your number facts to create number bonds.

Create a more than or less than poster.

For example:  12 <  15    or     15 > 12

Consider the value of two digit numbers how many tens and how many ones.  

Play games such as rolling a dice or pick a number and compare them.

 i.e I have 22 and you have 31. I have 2 lots of 10 and you have 3 lots of 10.


Look at the weather reports.  Make your own weather diary, what changes do you notice?


Create a seasons poster and think about how weather changes at different times.


Look up different styles of castles,

Create your own time of castle styles. Why did they change?


Make a Mother’s day card using different pencils, crayons, paints at home.



Purple mash website- each child has a unique log in. If you need the log in do not hesitate to ask admin and we can get it sent directly to you.



A Typical Day in Year 1


Year 1’s Daily Routine


Doors open- morning activity


Register and morning prayer








 Guided reading










3pm- 3.10pm

Shared class story/End of day prayer







Please make sure that you read with your child everyday. Regrettably, we are unable to change school reading books until the previous books have been written in the reading record, returned and the  reading record is signed.


P.E. Days Our P.E. days are Thursday and Friday. P.E. kits should be kept in school at all times. We will send them home over the school holidays. Remember if your child has a club after school you will need to return their PE kit. All long hair needs to be tied back.
Morning Routine When children arrive in the morning they are expected to say goodbye to their parents on the playground. The children then come into class and change out of their coats and outdoor shoes, putting away their book bags, water bottles and lunch boxes. Once their belongings are away the children go to their places where they complete their early morning work. At 9:00 the classroom door is closed and registration is taken, finishing with morning prayer. Any child arriving after 9:00 must enter school through the Main Reception Area where a late slip must be completed.


Take One Picture - Andy Goldsworthy

Take One Picture - Andy Goldsworthy 1
Take One Picture - Andy Goldsworthy 2
Take One Picture - Andy Goldsworthy 3
Take One Picture - Andy Goldsworthy 4
Take One Picture - Andy Goldsworthy 5

Toy Party

Toy Party 1 We brought toys in from home
Toy Party 2 We shared our toys with the class.
Toy Party 3 We talked about the materials they were made of.
Toy Party 4 Our parents brought in toys from the past.

cauliflowers fluffy

Harvest Samba

This is my body, broken for you...