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Accessibility Plan

St Rose’s Catholic Infant School

Accessibility Plan


At St Rose Catholic Infant School we recognise our legal obligation under the Equalities Act 2010 to make reasonable adjustments to allow for the inclusion of all children, without discrimination “against pupils because of sex, race, disability, religion or belief and sexual orientation”.


We also recognise our legal obligation to publish our accessibility plan with the aim to increase access for disabled pupils to the curriculum, the physical environment and to information. We also aim to consider the needs of parents and others in the school community with disabilities or other needs which may hinder them in accessing all that the school has to offer.


Initial Audit of School Building:

As a modern building much of the school is accessible for wheelchair users, however we would need to use a ramp to make some of our classrooms fully accessible. At present the level access is through the main entrance, through the staff room and the exit opposite. We also have ramp access to the Reception classrooms.

We have a disabled parking space next to the path leading to the main entrance.

We have two disabled toilets at opposite ends of the school and one of these includes changing facilities.

We use visual timetables throughout the school with individual timetables for those children who need this additional support.

We have purchased smaller chairs, tables and steps available for use in the Nursery by our smallest children.

We now have a nurture room as a quiet place for some children to go when they need a place outside of the classroom to work or retreat.



Accessibility Plan