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St Rose's

Catholic Infant School

We live, love and learn happily in our work and play as part of God's family


Our vision


Our curriculum vision is of the:

Head – Knowledge; Hands – Skills & Vocabulary;

Heart –  Gospel values at the center of all we do.


We  provide a meaningful, creative curriculum that equips children with key skills, enabling them to be life-long learners and inquisitive thinkers. Children are encouraged to embrace challenge and develop a love of learning through memorable experiences and active learning. Our Catholic values; Veritas (truth), Love, Confidence and Forgiveness underpin all we do at school. 


We believe it is vital to teach children how to become more effective learners.  We do this through the use of the ‘Learning power’ approach. We have chosen four learning habits that we reinforce through classroom culture; Perseverance, Resilience, Cooperation and Determination. 


The intended outcomes for our curriculum are: 


High quality Education

All children have the ability to be the best that they can be. Interventions close or narrow gaps and children have the ability to work at greater depth. Pupils have the ability to make connections and apply skills and knowledge within a range of contexts. Children will make progress across a broad curriculum and their work is consistently of high quality. All pupil groups, including those who are disadvantaged achieve the best possible outcomes.


Behaviour, Attitudes and Personal Development

Pupils will have equal access to an enriched curriculum. Children will be responsible, respectful and active citizens who have a secure understanding of Catholic values and their importance in our communities. Pupils are intrinsically motivated to behave well. They have a highly positive attitude and commitment to learning.



Leadership and Management

Teachers’ subject knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge consistently builds and develops over time. All Governors, Staff and children have high expectations and work towards an ambitious vision.



 Early Years

The curriculum provides no limits or barriers to the children’s achievements. It gives an opportunity for pupils to develop basic skills and integrate new knowledge into larger concepts. Adults will enable children to develop vocabulary, read daily and create the foundations for the rest of their schooling.

What does your child learn at school each day?

Children at St Rose's follow the National Curriculum for all subjects except Religious Education. As a Catholic School we follow the Religious Education Curriculum Directory which is directed by the Bishops of England and Wales.


Our school curriculum overview