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At St. Rose’s School we strive to teach a rich, balanced and progressive curriculum using maths to reason, problem solve and develop fluent conceptual understanding in each area. Our aim is for every child to develop a sound understanding of maths, equipping them with the skills that they need in life beyond school. The leadership within the school ensures that all stake-holders are informed of developments within the curriculum and are given the opportunities to share their thoughts and ideas as investors within the subject. To ensure that the children receive the highest-quality mathematical teaching, teachers are supported and aided in their roles, ensuring confidence in the skills and facts they are teaching. Through the use of the White Rose scheme of learning, the children are able to develop a sense of the world around them, making connections between mathematics and everyday life. Our aim at St Rose’s is to challenge every child in every lesson, ensuring that they are working towards achieving the same objective. Learning in mathematics stays within the appropriate curriculum, challenging children to develop a deeper and richer understanding of a given concept or method. At St Rose’s, mathematics is enhanced through high-quality manipulatives which enable the children to visually see the mathematics, thus strengthening their understanding of a range of concepts.

Curriculum Maps

Our curriculum maps explain what is taught in each term in each year group in our school.

Our calculation pathways demonstrates the strategies that children learn and how these progress throughout the school. 

Learning in Action!