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Catholic Infant School

We live, love and learn happily in our work and play as part of God's family

Meet the Team

Teaching Staff

Mrs E Ryan
Mrs Ryan is our Headteacher. 


Mrs Ryan is passionate about Catholic education and encourages the importance of every child's holistic development. She believes that all children are entitled to the very best education as they only get one chance. She has an open door policy and is rooted in the ethos that communication is the key to the running of an excellent school where a problem shared is a problem halved.  Mrs Ryan has almost 10 years of experience teaching within Hertfordshire and inner London and believes it is a privilege to tutor young minds both academically and holistically.

Assistant Headteacher 

Mrs T Whitehill

Mrs Whitehill currently teaches in Year 2. She leads English across the school.

Assistant Headteacher
Mrs S Gavin 
Mrs Gavin teaches in our Reception class. She leads RE across the school.

Inclusion Leader

Mrs J O'Sullivan

Mrs O'Sullivan is our Inclusion Leader. She leads PSHE across the school.

Key Stage 1 Leader 

Miss R James
Miss James teaches in Year 1.  She leads RE and Maths across the school.

Year 1 Class Teacher

Miss T Phillips

Miss Phillips teaches Year 1.  She leads Humanities and Arts across the school as well as supporting our Eco Council.

Year 2 Class Teacher

Miss C Glynn

Miss Glynn teaches Year 2. She leads PE and as well as supporting our Eco Council.

Nursery Class Teacher

Mrs K McLaren

Mrs McLaren teaches our 30 hour Nursery class. She is our school outdoor leader of learning.

Reception Class Teacher

Mrs Kelly-Keegan

Mrs Kelly-Keegan teaches in Reception.

Reception Teacher

Mrs K Archer

Mrs Archer teaches in Reception. 

Reception Teacher

Mrs L Butler

Mrs Butler is currently on maternity leave.

Class Cover Teacher
Mrs M Mitchell
Mrs Mitchell is officially retired from St Rose's but loves returning to work with our children to provide teaching cover on a supply basis.


Support Staff


Mrs C Johnston 
Mrs Johnston supports our 30 hour Nursery class.
Mrs S Abdelmassih 
Mrs Abdelmassih supports our 30 hour Nursery class.
Mrs A Reynolds 
Mrs Reynolds supports our 30 hour Nursery class.

Mrs K Vardy 
Mrs Vardy supports Mrs Mitchell and Mrs Kelly- Keegan in Reception.  She also runs our "Breakfast Club".

Miss L McDonagh

Miss McDonagh supports Miss James in Year 1.

Ms L Blundell

Mrs Blundell supports Mrs S Gavin in Reception.

Mrs M Henry

Mrs Henry supports Mrs S Gavin in Reception.


Miss L Rickerty

Miss Rickerty supports Mrs S Gavin in Reception.

Mrs K Quinn 

Mrs Quinn supports Miss James in Year 1.

Mrs H Glover

Mrs Glover supports Miss Phillips in Year 1.

Mrs M Ward-Brickett

Mrs Ward-Brickett supports Mrs Whitehill in Year 2.

Mrs C Gavin
Mrs Gavin supports Miss Glynn in Year 2.
Office Staff
Finance Officer
Mrs M Power
Mrs Power works closely with Mrs Ryan to support the school finances.
PA to Headteacher
Mrs J Taylor
Mrs Taylor supports Mrs Ryan with administration and safeguarding.


Rufus our visiting dog.

Rufus our visiting dog. 1

We are delighted to introduce Rufus. 

He is joining our team under the 'Pets as Therapy' strategy.

Children will be invited to 'read' with Rufus.

Animal assisted therapy has been recognised to benefit a young person's physical, emotional and psychosocial health, cognitive function and communication skills. 

'read2dogs' helps improve confidence in Literacy skills by encouraging young people to read and communicate in a relaxed and non-judgemental environment.

Mid-day Supervisory Assistants Team

Mid-day Supervisory Assistants Team 1 Mrs A Reynolds
Mid-day Supervisory Assistants Team 2 Mrs H Glover
Mid-day Supervisory Assistants Team 3 Mrs C Johnston
Mid-day Supervisory Assistants Team 4 Miss L McDonagh
Mid-day Supervisory Assistants Team 5 Ms L Blundell
Mid-day Supervisory Assistants Team 6 Mrs A Ambridge
  Site Team

Mr M Prendiville
Mr Prendiville is our Caretaker and ensures the school grounds and buildings are maintained and operational.

  Hertfordshire Catering Team

School Cook
Mrs S Grayer
Mrs Grayer provides fresh school meals for children and staff on a daily basis ensuring they are balanced and healthy.

Mrs C Watts
Mrs Watts supports Mrs Grayer in our kitchen.