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Each year group from Reception to Year 2 have a set of high frequency words (HFW) that they will be taught and will need to practise reading them at home.  These are words that we would like the children to be able to read by sight and without using phonics.  The words that we are use are those that are used most frequently in books.  By learning to read these words, the children will become more fluent in reading and will rely on their phonics less as their knowledge of the high frequency words develop. 


Individual Reading

Your child will bring home an individual reading book which is matched to their phonic understanding.  This can be shared as many times as you would like and will be changed regularly in school.  If your child is nearly ready to move up a reading level, they may bring home two books (one from each level) in preparation for moving up.


Online Reading

Your child will also have access to books online from the ELS library and these will be set to match their phonic understanding.


Reception and Year 1:

Guided Reading

In Reception and Year 1, children will have a guided reading session twice a week.  In the first session they will be introduced to a text that is matched to their phonic understanding.  They will read this in school with an adult and then bring it home to re-read at home before the second session in school to help develop reading fluency.  They will then bring the same book home to re-read for a fourth time before changing it the following week in their first guided reading session.  


Year 2:

Guided Reading

In Year 2, your child will have a guided reading session at least once a week.  They will be introduced to a text that is matched to their phonic understanding.  They will read this in school with an adult and then bring it home to re-read at home, as these books may be longer, they may last for more than one week.  We would ask that you read the same part of the book at home with your child as this will develop their fluency.  The books will be changed when they have finished using them for their guided reading sessions. 


Reading Strategies for Guided Reading

  • Phonics
  • Knowledge of context
  • Word recognition
  • Graphic Knowledge
  • Grammatical Knowledge
  • Comprehension


Love of Reading

At St Rose’s we aim to develop a lifelong love of reading.

Research specifically shows that the benefits of reading are more likely to be felt when reading takes place through free choice. The outcomes of reading will occur more often and more strongly if reading is enjoyable in the first instance. This is why the 'for pleasure' element of reading for pleasure is so important.

Reading is not just something that children should do in school; it needs to be an everyday part of our lives, something we choose to do at all ages. At St Rose’s we want to build a culture of reading for enjoyment that will develop a lifelong love of reading which could benefit children in so many ways. We recognise that reading for pleasure will encourage children to succeed both academically and socially.

Some of the ways we promote the love of reading are:

  • Listening to an adult read in class every day.
  • A core book spine of texts selected to promote diversity.
  • Planning English lessons around high quality texts or video clips.
  • High quality phonically decodable books for both individual readers and guided reading books.
  • Well stocked book corners with a selection of fiction, non-fiction, traditional and modern texts.
  • Open reading sessions with parents throughout the year.
  • Weekly sessions in the school library for children to select and change reading books.
  • A text rich school environment.


Reading across the wider curriculum

We have a wealth of good-quality, rich texts which support and supplement the wider curriculum. At St Rose’s we have found that contextual knowledge, when paired with good reading skills, leads to good comprehension of texts and a deeper understanding. We strive to ensure that the reading texts used across the curriculum help children gain a more rounded knowledge of the topic.


The Reading Environment

The school environment can really make a big impact. All classrooms have clearly thought out reading corners and much emphasis has been placed on not only how they look, but how accessible, welcoming they are and stocked up with good quality, appropriate books. Sometimes less is best!


We have a well-stocked and attractive library. Children visit the library weekly where they can choose a new book to take home.

Reading For Pleasure & Fluency Presentation