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At St. Rose’s Catholic Infant School, Science across the year groups is about developing children’s thoughts and ways of working that enable them to gain understanding of the world in which they live, promoting child led and scientific enquiry whilst enhancing subject knowledge. We take an investigative approach to the teaching of science, encouraging children to have conversations, ask questions, devise investigations and solve problems all whilst using a range of scientific vocabulary. We want all pupils at our school to develop a sense of excitement and curiosity about the natural world of which God created. This links in with Whispering Wood sessions where children observe changes to the environment over time. We encourage pupils to work scientifically, using a range of skills and methods to conduct investigations.


Throughout the Autumn Term, our whole school learning is about 'Animals, including humans'. To help us with this, we had some egg-cellent visitors! The eggs arrived last week and quickly hatched into 20 healthy, fluffy chicks. It has helped our children to learn about animals and their offspring but most importantly, how we can care for God's creatures.