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Wednesday Blog

Wednesday 3rd June 2020 

Hello everyone, I hope you are still enjoying the Wednesday Blog. Lots has changed since we started the blog, KS1 have blogs on Purple Mash and access to Google classrooms and Early Years can upload pictures onto Evidence Me. Please keep sending pictures for our blog, it is a lovely place for us to share our work and see what your friends are doing. 

Some children came back to school on Monday, it is so lovely to see such smiley faces and we cannot wait to see the rest of you, when the time is right. We will be uploading some pictures of what the different bubbles of children have been doing.

Stay safe and happy, Mrs Butler. 

Dance Video!

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During the Easter Holidays, the children from have been joined by some of our friends from St Cuthbert Mayne and they have been working with APEX. They learnt a new dance and recorded it. It looks SO much fun!

A story from Mrs Pritchard

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Mrs Pritchard has recorded a story for you to join in reading with her! Can you join in with the rhyming words?

A story from Mrs McLaren

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A story from Miss Shaw

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A story from Mrs Butler

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A story with Miss Glynn and Miss James (part 1)

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A story with Miss Glynn and Miss James (part 2)

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A story from Mrs Pritchard

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Poems from Mrs McLaren

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An Easter message from Miss Shaw

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A story with Miss James

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A Sweet Treat With Mrs O'Sullivan

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Mrs McLaren reads a story

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Miss Shaw reads The Gruffalo

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A story from Mrs Butler

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A Story From Mrs Parfitt

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A story read by Mrs Butler

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Can you complete the challenge?

Number rhymes with Mrs Pritchard

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Hannah made an Easter Garden using Lego blocks and created an Easter wreath. She made Easter cards for family members and made some beautiful Easter decorations. Hannah planted strawberries in our garden and baked yummy hot cross buns! Hannah had a virtual nature session with her grandma and created a habitat for polar bear!

Aoife-Amelia's Easter Garden

Week Beginning 23rd March 2020


Here are some pictures to show you what the children have been getting up to in school!


Here are some of the activities children have been doing at home. It really looks like they are enjoying themselves. 

Aiden has continued his work on Castles!

Chrystal has been busy investigating flowers!

Rosie from year 2 has made a times table poster, been baking with her sisters and doing gymnastics in the garden!

Sophie from Reception has spent lots of time in the garden this week! She put on her P.E kit as it was P.E day and cycled around the garden with her sister! Sophie made a poster about ways to stop spreading the virus and enjoyed baking!

Oisin from Nursery has built a lego castle with his dad and been on a lovely sunny walk along Boxmoor Moors.

Here are some of the things Freddie in Reception has been up to whilst home schooling. We did some kitchen science experiments, went on a nature walk and looked for signs of spring, practised using scissors, helped Mummy and Daddy with some chores (I love to help them!). I have been power washing, drilling and more. I made homemade pizzas and gingerbread biscuits. I painted a rainbow to put in my window for people to see when they are out for a walk. I’ve been practising my numbers 1-20 by cutting them out of icing too!

Mrs Ryan has been very busy but she has been doing some reading with her little boy, Nate!

Woody from Year 2 has been working hard with his number bonds and working out change from £1. He has also written an acrostic poem.

Theo from Reception has been very busy! Theo has had a busy week doing PE in the morning with Joe Wicks and his brother, he has been in the garden and done a poster on things he has found for Spring. He has also completed his poster to help not spread coronavirus. He is enjoying practicing writing his letters and definitely playing football in the garden. He also had fun completing a days of the worksheet. He told his mummy they all have the letter Y at the end

Darcie from Year 2 has created poster for Laudato Si, done some work on The Great Fire of London, written a Spring Poem, drawn a map, made up a monster story, looked at the solar system and practised her handwriting! You have been busy Darcie!

Amelie from yr1 made 2D and 3D shapes out of play doh.

Leyna from Reception made banana cakes!

Louis from Reception has been busy doing Joe Wicks PE lesson every morning. He has done some English and phonics followed by maths and guided reading! Apart from school work he has also made some yummy cookies and done lots of painting. As it’s been such lovely weather he have spent a lot of time in the garden playing his favorite thing; football! He even made a phonics football game where he had to shoot the ball at the letters.

Blake from Nursery loved listening to Mrs Pritchard's story. He has also been busy doing the Nursery activities, here is a picture of him ordering his toys by size.

Beatrix from Nursery has been painting flowers, pitting seeds and enjoying the sunshine.

Eva from Reception has been very busy! She has been doing Cosmic Yoga in the mornings to start her day! She has then done some 'virtual crafts' with her Nanny and Pops, some of the things she has made have been perfume, paint and pasta artwork, a cat made from a toilet roll and coloured paper, and a daffodil made from corrugated green card and yellow paper. She also went on a walk along River Bulbourne to collect water and freshwater animals for our bowl but we only found a couple of bugs!! She still had lots of fun though! She made frozen fairy cakes with Daddy and wrote her recipe out. She read 2 poems and a book about the life cycle of a frog and Eva drew lovely pictures of them. Eva has been busy reading everyday and started purple mash, she has also done daily scoots/walks and practised number bonds and teen numbers. She also had an assault course in the garden and played in the garden. What a busy bee Eva has been!

Cara has been making Easter bonnets with her brother Charlie, practicing ordering numbers 1-30 and finger painting flowers.

Ava from Reception has enjoyed the tasks Mrs McLaren has set us this week and wanted to share some pictures of our activities with you as she has enjoyed looking at her friends activities. Ava has also got a new pet to learn to care for.

Leo from Year 1 has been very busy. He has been working every day, practising his doubles and number bonds, phonics and sentence writing. He has also thought about how he can be a Good Samaritan in the home. Every morning Leo has been keeping fit either by going for a run/scoot or joining in with PE with Joe Wicks. He has also been practising his cutting skills, made a Greater than, Less than Poster, written instructions, written a prayer for kindness, done some baking, hoovered for his Mummy, enjoying walks and talking to his friends on the phone.

Ella from Year 1 has continued her castles learning at home and made her own!

Chrystal is keeping very busy. Here are some photos of what she has been doing. She has also said the school's 'thank you prayer', sang nursery rhymes, played board games and did some online learning.

Lilah from Reception has made made some snails! She also lost her first tooth!

Mia from Nursery has really enjoyed all the activities sent out by her nursery teachers over the last week. She has painted rainbows in the windows and Mia really enjoyed planting activity and her sunflowers have already started to spout. This week Mia has enjoyed a her sisters music group online and an Easter egg hunt in the house.

Week Beginning 30th March - The children have been having lots of fun in school. They have been doing lots of sports and activities with Gavin and Rose from APEX, including joining in with Joe Wicks' PE lessons. They have also made some lovely Easter crafts.

Thursday 26th and Friday 27th March - The children have been busy doing beautiful craft activities and playing games outside. They also made a beautiful 'Keep Smiling' banner for outside for our community to see.

Isla from Nursery has been enjoying working on some of the suggestions from Mrs Pritchard and Mrs Butler this week. These are some of her favorites; learning about the Easter story, drawing petals on flowers and recognising numbers. She even found a nice spring flower to draw.

Joe from Reception has made a Bug Hotel this morning and wanted to share it with you. They plan to study the bugs once they come to stay.

Children at school - 2nd April 2020

Week Beginning 20th April - Children in school

Henry has been very busy. He has been doing Joe Wicks PE lesson every day, planting vegetables, making Flapjacks, science using flowers with his sister and building a tower - making it balance.

Darcie from Yr2 has created an Easter Garden, designed a flower with 5 petals; Grateful, Special, Fantastic, Precious and Kind. A seaside picture of herself riding a donkey on Weston super mare beach and a picture of her favourite bug club book cover.

Lilah from Reception has been so excited due to losing her first tooth! The tooth fairy visited and left her some money and a necklace which she loved. We’ve been baking, going on nature walks for our exercise (as well as Joe wicks) decorating our windows in our house and lots of reading, writing and maths!

Fionn has been busy this week making hand puppets and also learning the Piano using YouTube.

Chrystal from Nursery's Easter Learning

Zachary Cullen (Reception Mrs Mclaren class) and families Easter Garden, that was made out of paper. They chose paper so the garden lasted longer.

Zachary and his family shared some pictures to show them celebrating Easter

Ava from Year 1 has been busy planting seeds, Doing wordsearch books, doing keep fit with Joe wicks and her big sister, star jumps in the garden and going for walks with Ozzie the dog and her family.

Louis from Year 1 - Here is his Easter garden using things we can find in our garden!

Luna's Easter Garden

Conor from Year 2 really enjoyed making his Easter Garden outside in a flower bed in our garden. He found all of the materials he needed in our garden.

Miya - May has been working with her sisters to make a wreath and cross for Easter learning.

Rocco also made this picture from his home learning which he is sending copies of to his Granny and Nonno. It is a to celebrate the good news that Jesus is alive. The picture shows Jesus and Mary and all of his disciples below and he said "they are all smiling because they are all happy. "

Here is a picture of Sofia G (Y2) and Rocco's (Nursery) Easter garden which they made collecting old pots from the garden and collecting soil, moss, twigs and stones.

Ivy's Vincent Van Gogh work

Alex from Year 2 has been buys home learning at home. He has painted a seaside picture.

Freddie making his bug hotel, painting his bird house and with his wall planter. He has loved being outside, painting, sawing, drilling, watering and learning lots of new skills. He is excited to be completing his bug hotel later. Freddie also did some colouring to say thank you to all the delivery drivers and our postman. He has also played a game with his mummy. They had to guess how many items he could hold and then count them once he had picked up whatever the item was. Mummy then asked him to write how many items there were in chalk on the patio. They filled up water balloons too and as they burst, he had to count each one. There were 35 balloons!

Natalie made an Easter garden and a very colourful Easter wreath, she made other lovely Easter crafts. Natalie listed to the Easter story and discussed the meaning of it with her sister Hannah. Natalie had a virtual science session with grandma, she learnt about space and made a rocket and a paper sun! Natalie has enjoyed doing Cosmic Yoga with Hannah and gardening with daddy.

Hannah's pictures of her Palm Sunday Lego project. She has also been busy learning about Frida Kahlo, a Mexican artist. They tried to restage one of her famous portraits.

Jonathan has learnt numbers 1-10 in Polish over the holidays; he has also helped plant and look after some seedlings, and he made these cross-shaped stained glass biscuits (and some iced ones) with his Daddy.

Arina from Nursery has been super busy! Here are some pictures :)

Oisin from Nursery - Easter Garden made from Lego

Les from Year 1 - Easter home learning

Aiden Murphy from Yr 1 has been busy over the Easter holidays. He helped decorate our Easter tree, made an Easter wreath. made fruit kebabs and coloured in a picture of Van Gogh's sunflowers.

Niamh has been busy over the last few weeks. She has been working hard on her maths, using lego blocks as counters! She looked for the signs of spring & then wrote about our findings. She also drew a beautiful picture. She read from the bible. Niamh loved the story of Moses as a baby being left in a basket & being found in the rushes by the princess. Niamh wrote about it & drew a lovely picture. Niamh enjoyed playing splat! She has also been learning how to sew! She made pizzas at home using wraps as the base. Niamh has also been fabric colouring, getting her t-shirt ready for Summer!

Oliver in Year 1 has been very busy! Here are some pictures of his learning at home.

Ava from Reception has been super busy! Here are some pictures of her activities from over Easter

Olivia from Nursery has been keeping busy over Easter with helping her daddy with the gardening, making a palm Sunday leaf and practicing her numbers. Please see pictures attached.

On Sunday, Mrs Ryan and her son went for a nature walk. We loved seeing the bluebells and all the colours of the woods. On our trip, we found an NHS rainbow stone with a note from a child who had painted and hidden stones in the woods as treasure hunt for passers by. What a great idea and a thank you to our NHS heroes.

Here are some pictures of Orla from Nursery drawing a butterfly for her nursery work.

Nina from Year 2 made a boat for the boat.

Nina tested her boats!

Still image for this video

Nina tested her boats!

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Jake from Year 1 has been super busy! Jake has been making a castle out of boxes, growing lots of veggies. Putting bits of nature into cupcake trays pouring water over them, then freezing them. Practicing counting and writing about Vincent Van Gogh. Especially enjoying helping in the garden.

Oliver from Year 1 has been very busy doing different activities at home! Here are some pictures.

Zosia happily joined in home learning again. She started with maths. Zosia used duplo blocks to write numbers, order them and count. She also completed maths activities on Ipad, added one more to numbers up to 20 and counted up to 20. Zosia read a book Dragon Danger. She read beautifully. She learnt how to read such words like time, flames, came. At the end she answered comprehensive questions. We also did science-Zosia learnt about parts of the flower. She drew a tulip and with mummy we named parts of the flower. I wrote the parts of the flower, Zosia read them and matched on the flower

Joshua from Reception has been very busy at home, here are some pictures to show what he has been doing.

Eva from Nursery has been very busy at home. Here are some pictures of what she has been up to.

James from Nursery has been busy doing different activities at home. Here are some pictures

Mia has been enjoying the activities sent by her nursery teachers but in addition we have been watching the life cycle of butterflies. Baby caterpillars arrived to the post and end with us having a virtual butterfly party with Mia’s friend to release them. Mia made butterfly biscuit and cakes too.

James fro Nursery drew around his foot. He did some cutting out and he found things that were bigger and smaller. He has also been good at rhyming with words.

Alicja enjoyed finding things bigger than her foot and at the and she said she is the biggest. Finding food starting with letters wasn't easy and mummy had to help her but Alicja was very active too, we couldn't find anything starting with a letter "D" so we draw a Dill. She was most happy with the food starting with "I" - an ice cream :) Another thing with which mummy had to help was the den in the garden but Alicja was busy with bringing and holding rugs and pins. She has also been hopping like a bunny while exercising with daddy. Alicja also made a space rocket with her daddy!

Hannah has been learning about the time zones. In the picture you can see that she is holding a lamp which represents the sun.

Lisa drew and labelled a flower

Alex Year 2 and his clock project

Oisín has enjoyed many activities this week including spelling out some 3 and 4 letter words. He also found some rhyming words to match these. He particularly enjoyed watching his phonic videos learning the letter ‘g’ and a task learning about butterfly’s. He then drew his colourful butterfly and traced the word on the back of his picture. His most favourite task by far, was making cookies following a recipe. They tasted yummy!

Sophie has been busy learning her numbers, adding and subtracting and she is very much enjoying story time from the teachers - thank you! We spend a lot of time doing creative things and over the past week we have tie dyed t shirts and made jammy dodgers. She has also been helping her big brother with his science experiments.

Amelie following oak learning maths lessons . Comparing herself with longest and shortest objects in the house.

Aiden made Forky from Toy Story 4 and joined in with his sister to make 3 different science rainbows.

Zoë has been very busy at home. She has been colouring, painting, cosmic yoga, reading game on the ipad, sorting cubes and counting, cornflour play, dressing up and washing the cars outside.