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Our well-being page is a collection of resources to support both children and parent / carers well-being at home during this time. 

Pray life from home

A collection of resources for prayer and reflection from home.


Masses being streamed on-line:


Mass stream and Cardnial Nichols in words:


Pray as you stay:

St Rose's community pray together - Easter Monday at midday


We are not together as we would wish, but we are never alone. Let's join in prayer together on Easter Monday at midday and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. 


Let us pray, 

In the Easter Garden the leaves are turning green,

In the Easter Garden the risen Lord is seen, 

In the Easter Garden we know that God above brings us all to heaven through Jesus and his love. 




Praying to the Rosary - Glorious 4 The Assumption of Mary

Praying the Rosary- Crucifixion

Praying the Rosary- The Resurrection

Praying the Rosary- The Ascension

Praying the Rosary - Glorious 5, The Coronation of Mary

Praying the Rosary- Baptism of the Lord

Prayers for flu viruses from the Liturgical Office

Advice for Parents

Catholic Child -


Mental health uk -


Children's health project -


Action for children -






Family action -


NSPCC- Advice on talking to a child worried about coronavirus, as well as noticing signs of depression or anxiety in children and how to help or get mental health support:


Mind Up- A school-based programme grounded in neuroscience, mindful awareness, positive psychology and social emotional learning:


Anne Freud Centre- Helping children and young people to manage anxiety- a practical guide to supporting pupils and students during periods of disruption:


Young Minds- An article and video with tips for parents on supporting their children with anxiety:

UK Government guidance for parents / carers supporting children and young peoples mental health and well-being at home during the Coronavirus outbreak, published 29th March 2020

Social Stories


My Story about Pandemics and the Coronavirus-Carol Gray


Sites for Children


The Catholic Children's Society have have developed short meditation sessions for children:


Materials for children dealing with stress and anxiety. This includes seven techniques to help keep children calm:


Save the Children have a range of relaxation exercises for children to do at home:


Mentally healthy schools- The emotion wheel can be used with children of all ages who are struggling to express their current feelings:


Emotional Check-in- A written resource that supports children and young people to not only express their feelings but identify why they are feeling a particular way:


Anxiety Thermometer- Using a feelings thermometer is a great tool to help children recognise what feelings they might be experiencing in any given moment:


Sentence Starters- These can be useful prompts for children who are struggling to order their thinking or express the way they feel:


Mood Cafe, Relax Like a Cat- A guided relaxation, using the analogy of a cat, to ease anxiety and create a sense of calm for children:


NHS, Self Care Kit for Children- This kit has lots of ideas for self care for children, including mindful colouring, laughing out loud, breathing exercises, ways to express thoughts, a self soothe box and more creative activities:


ELSA Support- May Wellbeing Calendar for the month of May, including lots of ideas and activities to promote positive wellbeing within children:


We have received additional resources from Hertfordshire County Council to share with our families:


1) Maternity & Children, Young People and Families Related COVID-19 Guidance and Resources - Hertfordshire County Council


2) Support during self-isolation - produced by Hertfordshire Educational Psychology Service with schools.


Hertfordshire Educational Psychology Service has provided the link to the following bereavement guides:


Coronavirus bereavement guides

Guides to help support people that have lost a loved one to coronavirus, or they have died during the resulting lockdown because of other reasons, are now available online at

Coronavirus bereavement guides | Hertfordshire County Council

Coronavirus bereavement guides


There are three Bereavement Guides available:

  • A guide for adults
  • A guide for children and young people
  • A guide for parents and carers supporting children that have been bereaved (which can also be helpful for professionals working with children and young people)


These guides have been created in response to the extraordinary events and circumstances that are happening in the UK and around the world because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) that are affecting how people grieve.  The guides provide basic guidance and helpful links to services that can provide extra support when the bereaved may be cut off from family, friends and usual support networks that would usually give help and comfort at this time.