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Year 2 - St. Dominic- Miss Glynn


Welcome to Year 2 - St. Dominic Class


Class Teacher: Miss Glynn

Support Staff: Mrs Quinn and Mrs White





In RE, we have been thinking about people who have been chosen by God and how they trusted each other. The important people we have been considering are Mary, Abraham and Moses.



In English, we have been reading Grendel - The Chocolate Monster. We have used lists of three to describe Grendel and where he lives. We have also been using different conjunctions and question sentences in our writing.



In mathematics, we have been comparing numbers up to 20. We have been using < > = symbols to compare numbers. We have also looked at subtraction and addition.





In RE, we have been learning about our Catholic value, Veritas. We understand that it means truth and the importance of always being honest. We have been thinking about people who have been chosen by God and why God chose them to complete his work on earth.



In English, we have been reading The Day the Crayons Quit. On Monday, our chairs disappeared and we received letters from them explaining that they were upset because of how we had been treating them. We have written letters to the crayons using a variety of skills such as lists of three, questions sentences and conjunctions.



In mathematics, we have been learning about the value of ten. We have been partitioning two-digit numbers, understanding that partitioning means to split. We have revisited using number lines and pictorial representations to help us.

A Typical Day in Year 2


Year 2’s Daily Routine


Doors open- morning activity


Register and morning prayer








Guided Reading












Shared class story/Newsround


End of day prayer

Reading Books

Reading books are changed once a week in St. Dominic class. Your child will receive three new reading books, on the day that it is their groups's turn to change their books. It is expected that the children independently change their books. Please ensure that you record each time you have listened to your child read, making comments about how they have read, e.g. Were they fluent? Also, please comment on how they responded to any comprehension questions that you asked. The children are expected to read every evening, for around ten minutes. Please note that the books your child takes home are books that they are fluent in; this is to encourage reading for pleasure but also to give them the opportunity to work on their understanding through comprehension questioning. Your child will be reading the book band above in class, during guided reading and will be moved up to that band when they are ready.


P.E. Forest School Day Our P.E. day is Tuesday and our new forest school day will be Tuesday, both kits should be kept in school at all times. We will send them home over the school holidays. Long hair needs to be tied back at all times.

Library- Every Friday the children will have an opportunity to select and change their own Library books in the school Library. Please ensure their book is kept safely in their book bag. 

Doors open at 8.45am and children have a daily morning activity to complete at their desk. These activities are important as they are often about reflecting on their previous work. Once they have completed this activity, it is expected that the children get a book from the 'Reading Garden' and read it quietly in their place. The door closes at 9am sharp and it is then that the register is taken.

Statutory Assessments in Year 2
In the Summer term, all children (who are working within KS1 national curriculum), will be participating in Standard Attainment Tests (SATs). The areas that the children will be tested in, are:


  • English comprehension- working at age related expectations and working at greater depth
  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPaG)
  • Writing
  • Mathematics- arithmetic and problem solving


Any children that did not pass the year 1 phonic screening check will be re- screened in the summer term.


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