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Year 2 – St. Teresa - Miss Bourke

Welcome to Year 2 - St. Teresa Class



Class Teacher: Miss Bourke

Support staff: Mrs C Gavin


Our Dom Squad representatives are: 


PE Day: Tuesday and Wednesday

Forest School: Thursday




This half-term, the children have been learning that we are chosen by God. They understand that God chose certain people to lead and guide his people. Together, we have explored the story of Abraham and how God chose Moses to be a great leader. They will have an opportunity to reflect on Abraham’s trust in God and learned that we should always trust God. The children understanding that God chooses unlikely people to do his biggest jobs. We spoke about how Marcus Rashford has helped people in communities across the country. We have thought about what we can do to help others too.  As part of our Caritas, we have been thinking about ways that we can support workers who are unfairly treated, for example farmers who are not part of the Fairtrade cooperative. 









In English, we have been developing our writing skills through a variety of texts. The children have been focusing closely on demarcating sentences accurately with the correct punctuation. We have been developing our understanding of the conjunction 'and', learning that it is used to join two clauses together. We have also been concentrating on our handwriting, ensuring that our letters are formed correctly. They are learning to use question marks correctly, with purpose, ensuring that they make sense.



We have been developing our knowledge of place value, specifically accurately identifying the value of the tens and ones and partitioning numbers in different ways. The children have been learning to use ‘think 10’ to help them. We have been applying our skills to using money, using this knowledge to create the same amounts in different ways. We have also been using our subitising skills to group large numbers accurately.





Our Topic this half-term is Animals, Including humans. The children will be learning about what humans and animals need to survive, as well as comparing their life cycles. This half-term, we have had the pleasure of watching real-life chicks hatch! We are excited to watch them grow and develop during their time with us. 


Whispering Woods

In the Whispering Woods, we have been observing seasonal changes. We have also been creating bug huts for the animals to help them as the weather gets colder and also been creating shrines for Mary, Our Mother.



This term, the children have been learning that Jesus brought the good news of God’s love and that this changed people’s lives. They learning that Jesus used his power to help others and have reflected on the importance of these events. They have thought about how they can bring good news to their family and friends.


They have also reflected on the importance of the celebration of the Mass.  They learned about the readings at Mass and why we should listen to them, and learn that at the Offertory we offer gifts to God. They also understand that at the Consecration the bread and wine are changed into Jesus’ Body and Blood.



We have been exploring a variety of books. We have been applying our skills accurately, demarcating grammatically correct sentences with a punctuation mark, as well as using coordinating conjunctions to join two clauses together. We have also used adjectives to describe, considering how we can improve the adjectives that we have chosen and ensuring that they are appropriate for the sentence. The children have used subordinating conjunctions, as well as using contractions and words with suffixes in their sentences.


The children have been applying their knowledge multiplication, understanding that the inverse operation is division. They have explored the relationship between the two using a variety of concrete, pictorial and abstract methods. The children applied their knowledge of multiplication and division to solving word problems.



The children enjoyed creating their own collages in the style of Roy Lichtenstein. They have also enjoyed designing and creating their own sculptures, using the work of sculptor Henry Moore for inspiration.


Year 2’s Daily Routine


Doors open- morning activity






Guided Reading














Collective Worship


End of day prayer



Children are provided with a mid morning snack of fresh fruit or vegetables and milk or water. Playtime is from 10.30 am to 10.45 am and is supervised by two members of staff, with a third member of staff on first aid duty.

Lunchtime break is from 12pm - 1pm where the children are supervised by Mid-day Supervisors.

Reading Books

In Miss James's class, books are changed once a week during 'Guided Reading' sessions. Please ensure that you have signed your child's orange reading record book when you have heard them read. Please comment on how they have read and also how they have responded to the comprehension questions that you have asked them. For examples of comprehension questions at your child's reading level, please refer to the example questions under the 'Useful Resources' section on our class page. Please note that the books your child takes home are books that they are fluent in; this is to encourage reading for pleasure but also to give them the opportunity to work on their understanding through comprehension questioning.

P.E. Days Our P.E. days are Monday and Friday. P.E. kits should be kept in school at all times. We will send them home over the school holidays. Long hair needs to be tied back and earrings are not allowed to be worn in school at any time. It would be helpful if girls could have a pair of white ankle socks in their PE bag for the days they come to school wearing tights.
Morning Routine When children arrive in the morning they are expected to come into the classroom themselves and change out of their coats and outdoor shoes, putting their things away. The children then go to their places where they can do 'Early Morning Work' or read a book for pleasure. At 9:00 the classroom door is closed and registration is taken, finishing with morning prayer. Any child arriving after 9:00 must enter school through the Main Reception Area.

We will always strive to maintain these routines. However, on rare occasions, circumstances prevent us from following them exactly.
Statutory Assessments in Year 2
Children will be working throughout the year towards the final end of Key Stage 1 Statutory Assessment Tests (SATs). Children will be assessed on Reading; Writing (including Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar); Mathematics and Science.  All subjects are teacher assessed but some judgements are supported by tests.

Following the Curriculum Information Sessions, held for Year 2 parents at the beginning of the Autumn Term, parents will receive:

Harvest Samba

Be still for the presence of the Lord

Be still, for the presence of the Lord, The Holy One, is here. Come bow before him now, with reverence and fear. In him no sin is found, we stand on holy gro...

This is my body, broken for you

Only Jesus saves.

cauliflowers fluffy with singers