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Year 2 – St. Teresa- Miss James

Welcome to Year 2 - St. Teresa Class



Class Teacher: Miss James

Support staff: Mrs Gavin, Mrs Edmunds & Mrs Robson


Our Dom Squad representatives are: Darcy, Ella and Freya


PE Day: Tuesday

Forest School: Thursday


Holy Week

To commemorate Holy Week, we completed a range of activities to help us to connect emotionally, learning about Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. Like the crowds who greeted Jesus as he rode into Jerusalem, we thought of different ways that we could praise him. We made praise mobiles, including words and phrases to celebrate Jesus


We learnt that during Mass we are recreating The Last Supper. We discussed the significance of the words used during Mass, for example, “This is my body, broken for you. Take it and eat it. Do this in memory of me.” We were reminded that every time we eat the Eucharist or drink the blood, Jesus is inside of us. We discussed how we show respect during Mass, in particular to The Tabernacle that holds the blessed Eucharist.


We also visited the different Stations of the Cross and thought about what each station represented. At the stations, we thought about the different themes: judgement, responsibility, pride, love, humility, kindness, courage, grief, commitment, gratitude, trust, faith, silence, hope.


We also learnt about Psalms. We know that they are songs of praise and worship, pleas for God's protection and forgiveness, and prayers for help and guidance. During our London topic, we have learnt about the Paralympics. We decided to create our Art using the inspiration of a local man called Henry Fraser, who is paralysed from the neck down. We used our mouths to create the art, using the words in the Psalms to help us.




Topic- Ice



This month, the children have been learning about and reflecting on mysteries. They have been encouraged to say and reflect on what they wonder about. The children have learnt that there are three persons in one God and that we can experience God in three different ways as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The children enjoyed dressing up as shepherds for Shepherds day, understanding that God chose the most unlikely people to be the first witnesses to the birth of the Messiah.



The children have really enjoyed our learning about the Titanic as part of our new topic, Ice. They have enjoyed being historians, discovering facts about the Titanic and using a range of literary skills to create leaflets, newspaper articles and diary entries to retell the sinking. They have been focussing on their understanding of exclamations sentences, understanding that they start with what or how, as well as using contractions (when two words become one) in their writing.



We have been applying our knowledge of numberbonds to ten to help us understand bonds to one-hundred. The children have also been using their knowledge of partitioning to find missing numbers in number problems. The children have enjoyed using manipulatives, such as tens frames and base ten, to support their understanding of addition and subtraction to one-hundred. We have also enjoyed showing our working out using number lines and the column method.



Topic- Chocolate



In RE, we have been thinking about people who have been chosen by God and how they trusted each other. The important people we have been considering are Mary, Abraham and Moses.



In English, we have been reading Grendel - The Chocolate Monster. We have used lists of three to describe Grendel and where he lives. We have also been using different conjunctions and question sentences in our writing.



In mathematics, we have been comparing numbers up to 20. We have been using < > = symbols to compare numbers. We have also looked at subtraction and addition.



In RE, we have been learning about our Catholic value, Veritas. We understand that it means truth and the importance of always being honest. We have been thinking about people who have been chosen by God and why God chose them to complete his work on earth.



In English, we have been reading The Day the Crayons Quit. On Monday, our chairs disappeared and we received letters from them explaining that they were upset because of how we had been treating them. We have written letters to the crayons using a variety of skills such as lists of three, questions sentences and conjunctions.



In mathematics, we have been learning about the value of ten. We have been partitioning two-digit numbers, understanding that partitioning means to split. We have revisited using number lines and pictorial representations to help us.



Year 2’s Daily Routine


Doors open- morning activity






Guided Reading














Collective Worship


End of day prayer



Children are provided with a mid morning snack of fresh fruit or vegetables and milk or water. Playtime is from 10.30 am to 10.45 am and is supervised by two members of staff, with a third member of staff on first aid duty.

Lunchtime break is from 12:15pm until 1:15pm where the children are supervised by Mid-day Supervisors.

Reading Books

In Miss James's class, books are changed once a week during 'Guided Reading' sessions. Please ensure that you have signed your child's orange reading record book when you have heard them read. Please comment on how they have read and also how they have responded to the comprehension questions that you have asked them. For examples of comprehension questions at your child's reading level, please refer to the example questions under the 'Useful Resources' section on our class page. Please note that the books your child takes home are books that they are fluent in; this is to encourage reading for pleasure but also to give them the opportunity to work on their understanding through comprehension questioning.

P.E. Days Our P.E. days are Monday and Friday. P.E. kits should be kept in school at all times. We will send them home over the school holidays. Long hair needs to be tied back and earrings are not allowed to be worn in school at any time. It would be helpful if girls could have a pair of white ankle socks in their PE bag for the days they come to school wearing tights.
Morning Routine When children arrive in the morning they are expected to come into the classroom themselves and change out of their coats and outdoor shoes, putting their things away. The children then go to their places where they can do 'Early Morning Work' or read a book for pleasure. At 9:00 the classroom door is closed and registration is taken, finishing with morning prayer. Any child arriving after 9:00 must enter school through the Main Reception Area.

We will always strive to maintain these routines. However, on rare occasions, circumstances prevent us from following them exactly.
Statutory Assessments in Year 2
Children will be working throughout the year towards the final end of Key Stage 1 Statutory Assessment Tests (SATs). Children will be assessed on Reading; Writing (including Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar); Mathematics and Science.  All subjects are teacher assessed but some judgements are supported by tests.

Following the Curriculum Information Sessions, held for Year 2 parents at the beginning of the Autumn Term, parents will receive:

Monday 17th September 2018 we met Rufus. He is a family member of Mrs Crane. Rufus has spent a considerable amount of time training and 'passing' many behavioural and temperament assessments. All his accreditations can be seen in school.

We are very excited to be welcoming him to our team.

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