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Year Of The Word

Easter Home Learning

As part of our Easter home-learning project, the children received a range of activities to complete over the Easter holiday. The activities were designed to be enjoyed by all members of the household, sharing together in each other’s learning.


Each of the activities related to a different part of Holy Week.  We encouraged the children to be creative as possible, as during these difficult times we recognised that resources were limited. The children understood that the arts were not limited to just pen and paper but they included interpretative dance, drama, singing and music. 

Easter Home Learning Project

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Judaism Week

This week the school learnt about another faith, Judaism. As part of our faith, we acknowledge and understand that people have the right to practice their own religion. As a school, we enjoyed finding out about a different part of the Jewish faith and then sharing what we had learnt with friends in other year groups. Nursery thought about why light is used in the Jewish festival of Hannukah, Reception explored how the Jewish community celebrate Purim, using the story of Esther. Year 1 focused on Passover, using the Book of Exodus to learn about the Jews leaving Egypt and Year 2 focused on special books, learning about the Torah and why it is holy and precious to Jewish people.




Jesse Tree

A branch is a sign of new life and new beginnings. Jesus was a descendent of King David and Christians believe that Jesus is the new branch.


Jesse Trees are used like an Advent Calendar. Each week during Advent, we will add a symbol that represents a different Bible story to our tree.


Our mission is to share the Bible story with our family at home and to think about what the symbol on the tree represents.


On our Advent calendar there is a Biblical quote for each day. Can you find out what the Bible quote mean? Can you use the Bible reference to read the Bible story?


The Year of the Word