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Physical Education (PE)

Physical Education Lessons

All children, across both Key Stages, take part in physical education lessons every week. In Foundation Stage, the children have one hour designated hall slot a week, where they participate in indoor activities which help to develop their core physical skills. Children in the EYFS develop their physical skills both in the classroom and in their outdoor area everyday through physical activity.  In Key Stage One (KS1), each class has two one hour slots allocated to them each week for Physical Education (PE); this includes an indoor and an outdoor slot. 


 What we have achieved so far?


  • Promoted sportsmanship

  • Promoted participation in sports 

  • Invested in new sports equipment and staff kit

  • Invested in new play ground climbing equipment for both EYFS and KS1 so that all pupils have access to equipment which encourages greater participation in regular physical activity.


Our aim is to develop children's attitudes in competitive sport. St Rose's pupils learn that sport is a positive outlet and aslo that being a good sportsman means supporting both their team members and people on the opposing team. A key sporting lesson which is driven through the core of all lessons is to 'Lose with dignity and win with humility'. 


Over time, we have developed the range of after-school clubs available to all children. The children now have a wide variety of sports to choose from. We are proud that we continue to be able to offer a range of extra-curricular sports after school. In Autumn 2017, we extended the amount sports activities held at school and open up clubs for Reception pupils to attend. In 2017, we installed climbing play equipment and an outdoor classroom on our playground. During 2018, we installed climbing play equipment in our early years outdoor learning space. We aim to review and enhance our outdoor areas further during the 2019-20 academic year.


We have continued to invest in new sports equipment using a portion of the 'Sports Premium Funding' allocated to us. This has meant that the teachers have the right equipment in which to both challenge and support children of all abilities to develop their skills. We also work with specialist sports providers who team teach with our teachers to improve skills. Our goal is to ensure consistent and progressive development of physical skills through high quality teaching and learning. We are always looking into ways we can improve our PE and sports offer at St Rose's. Our proposed actions for 2019-2020 will be reviewed and actioned in line with the new government guidelines for reopening in September 2020. We look forward to finding new ways to provide our children with quality physical education.


Sports Week July 2020

Thank you to all those who took part, both at home and at school! Please see our Friday Assembly and Celebration Video on our Worship page. Enjoy! 

Miss Shaw, PE Lead


* Santa Dash 2020 *


Well done and thank you to all who participated so enthusiastically in our Santa Dash on Friday 11th December 2020. A celebration video and has been shared in school. Please see our DSSN participation certificate below! 

DSSN Santa Dash 2020 - St Rose's Participation Certificate

Return to school March 2021! 

We are excited to welcome you all back to school and hope you enjoy the newly zoned playground and the new resources to enhance lunch, break and physical activity time. We will also be delivering PE lessons in a COVID safe way.

Please continue to send in any photos, videos and certificates of PE or physical activities you have completed over lockdown.

Keep an eye out for the PE challenges and activities taking place this term! :)

Miss Shaw


PE Home Learning Challenges can be accessed any time using this link: