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St Rose's

Catholic Infant School

We live, love and learn happily in our work and play as part of God's family

Prayer & Liturgy

At St Rose's our pupils have the opportunity for daily prayer and liturgy which can be as a whole school, year group or class. Our children plan and lead the worship sessions. This helps them to have a good relationship with God and become closer to Jesus.  At the end, pupils are given a 'Mission' so that the Word of God travels out of our school walls and into our community. 

Advent Liturgy 2023

We gathered together to celebrate the beginning of Advent. Pupils and staff were invited to wear an item of purple to help remind us that the liturgical season has changed and we are now in a special time of waiting and preparing. The Dom Squad led the liturgy and all present were invited to listen to the Word of God with their ears and their hearts. The message of 'stay awake!' and be ready was well received and pupils were given the mission to share this with their friends and family. We reflected on our hopes for this Christmas as we lit the first candle on the Advent wreath. 

'What I say to you, then, I say to all: stay awake!' (Mark 13:37)

Remembrance 2023

The whole school gathered together to remember all those who have fought in wars, past and present, and are now in heaven. The Dom Squad supported us all to pray in thanks to God for the soldiers who have died fighting to help bring peace to our world. We thought about how we too can be peacemakers and bring light and love into God's world.